Cleansing your stones

Some stones will hold on to negative energy.  It is important to know which stones require cleansing, especially if they are in your house or if you carry them regularly.
So how does one cleanse their stones?  There are many ways and you must choose which way works the best for you and your stones.
Cleansing with water:
This is probably the easiest and most convienent way.  But you must be careful as some stones don't do well in water.  For example selenite over time will disolve. So make sure you know if your stone can handle it.
Hold your stone under running water or you may sit them in a water bath to cleanse them of dirt, dust, and negative energies that they pick up.  This is great for quartz crystals.
You can make a salt water bath or set your crystals in a bowl of salt.  **CAUTION** the salt may take the polish off of your tumbled stones.
Some stones that you should not put in salt include:  Amber, Turquoise, Topaz, Coral, Opal, Moonstone, Calcites, Angelite, Azurite, Kyanite and Kunzite, and Malachite.
If you are not sure if your stone can handle the salt use another method.  
You can cleanse your stones by passing them through the smoke of a sage or sweetgrass smudging stick.
Use carefully!  Stones can be passed over the flame of a white candle.
Bury your stones in the dirt, or potting soil for up to 7 days to cleanse.  Don't forget where you buried them if you bury them in your yard!
Set the crystal in the morning sun to cleanse.  Becareful with quartz as it acts as a magnifying glass and can start fires.
Full Moon:
Set the crystals in the full moonlight over night to cleanse.

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