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 Spell Lightstm Magical Soy Candles


Cerridwen-  Mystical Floral Scent with mint. A celtic Goddess that was known to be Merlins Mother.  Use for knowledge and healing.

Cinnamon- Spicy cinnamon is excellent to draw money into your pocket!

Dragons Blood- A protective resin from the Socotra Dragon Tree. Use for protection.  Great to use after smudging with sage.

Eucalyptus and Echinacea- Promotes healing, protection, and strengthens spell work.

Green Tea and Chamomile- Had a rough day? Soothing, enhances meditation, good calming candle.

Jasmine- Burn for prosperity, attracting love, divination and money.

Lavender- Promotes tranquility, serenity and stress relief.

Lemon and Dill- Longevity, purification, money and luck.

Patchouli- Use for reversal spells, sex magick, fertility and strength.

Rose- Love, beauty, psychic powers, and happiness.

Sage- Cleansing, protection, wisdom and longevity.

Sandalwood- Purification, spirituality, meditation, healing.

Sweetgrass- Protection, purification, blessing, calling spirits.

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