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Spells and candle flame meanings

 I have used these myself and find them very useful in a pinch.
Freezing Spell:
Have someone being an ass?  Try this spell, quick and easy.  Get a bottle of water, empty some of the water out.  You don't want a full bottle.  On a piece of paper write the persons name down and the actions you want stopped.  Fold the paper and place into the bottle of water.  Place the water into the freezer. Your done!  Keep it in there for as long as you desire.  When things get better you can remove the bottle and discard it.
A similar spell for someone that is being disagreeable:
Sweetening Spell.
In a small ziplock bag place a cup of sugar.  Write the persons name on a piece of paper.  Place the paper inside the ziplock bag and place in freezer.  This will sweeten up their attitude.
Candle Flame Meaning:
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