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Phases of the Moon

When is the best time to do magick?  Ask this and you will get several different answers.  It depends on what your intention is or what you are trying to attract to you.  Are you trying to break bad habits or draw money to you?

Waxing Moon:

The waxing moon is when the moon is when you see a crescent moon to the left and the rest of the moon is shadowed.  This is the best time to start new projects.  Do spells that will attract things into your life, prosperity, friendships, love etc.

Full Moon: You will see the entire moon. The most powerful time of the month for a Witch.  This is a time to do any type of spells, energy work, meditation, initiation, dedication, or just honor the Goddess and the God.  A wonderful time to consecrate altar tools, jewelry, crystals etc.

Waning Moon:

 The waning moon will be a crescent in the sky to the right and the left side shadowed. A time to do banishments, hexes, protective spells, freezing spells.  To stop someone from hurting you, to banish evil.

New or Dark Moon:

A time where you will not see any moon in the sky.  Many witches will not do any magick during this time.  This reminds me too much of the church and their rest on Sunday rules.  I don't agree.  To me I say if you need to do a spell do it!  A wonderful time to honor the Dark Goddesses Hectate, Cerridwen, Morrighan, and many more.

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