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How to use Reversal Candles



What are reversal candles?

Typically reversal candles are a two toned candle. The inside is red while the outside is black. These candles are used to reverse spells or negativity that is sent your way.

What do the different colors mean?

Red and Black reversals are used for negativity reversing.  Someone sending bad vibes your way?  Send it back with one of these candles.

White and Black are used for reversing a hex.  This will send the hex back onto the person sending it your way.

Green and Black are for money reversing.  Someone causing havoc with your money?  This candle will stop that and send the energy back to them.

Yellow and Black (not a typical hoodoo reversal) we created this candle to aid in road opening.  Someone messing with your business or opportunities?  This candle will help you out!

Blue and Black (again NOT a typical hoodoo reversal) we created this one to help with stress.  Sometimes people just get on our nerves and we need a little help to fight the stress.  This candle will help with keeping the unnecessary stress at bay.


Ok so how do I use these?  Our reversal candles do not require butting.  In other words cutting the top off and turning upside down to burn the other end.  We make our reversal candles so they are easy and ready to use. 

Before lighting cleanse yourself with the candle.  In other words pass the candle over your head, arms, legs etc.  While do so visualize the negativity being brushed off of you and onto the candle.  Now focus.  Tell the candle EXACTLY what you need it to do.  No need to carve into it, just speaking to the candle will take care of preparing the candle for your work.

Light the candle and allow it to burn at least 1-2 hours at a time. The Chime reversals typically will burn out in 4 hours while the bigger reversals will take a few days.

Our reversal candles are made from all natural beeswax and all cotton wicks and are hand dipped. Remember these are meant to be a tool!  You still HAVE TO DO THE WORK!  While we made it easier to do it is up to you to focus and tell the candle what you need.

Good luck in your reversal magick and please email us if you need any questions answered regarding the candles. 


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