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Cleansing Your Space


What is saging?  The ceremony of Smudging was first done by Native Americans to cleanse and protect people, places and certain objects. 
What is practiced by non-Native Americans is saging or cleansing. It is done by lighting herbs and passing the item or person through the smoke.  This smoke is believed to drive out negative energies and cleanse the area so that positive energies may enter.  Think of it as a spiritual spring cleaning.
Ok what types of herbs do I use?  There are several different herbs that can be used.  The most widely known and used are Sage and Sweetgrass.  However, you can also use Lavender, Mugwort, Cedar etc.
When do I need to do this?  There is no set time really, you can do this with the changing of the seasons, purchase of a new house, before spell work, or at the end of a yucky day!
The best way to cleanse is to set a time when you are not rushed.  That way you can focus on the cleansing ritual and have positive thoughts!
Some people will also cleanse the house by placing sea salt around before saging.
When saging your house make sure you open a door or window and then get all the little nooks and crannies!  Get every corner from top to bottom.  Depending on the phase of the moon I will go a certain direction.  If the moon is new-full I will go clockwise.  If it is after the full moon I will go counter-clockwise, to banish the negativity.  This is a technique I was taught, but it certainly isn't something you have to follow.
After saging I will light some incense to seal in the good energies brought in.
You will feel a instant shift in your home after the cleansing, and it will smell good too!

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